Instead of mocking Imran Khan, Indian politicians should learn something from them

According to sources, India Today has advised Indian rulers to learn from Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's credentials. According to sources, the Indian newspaper India Today reported that 'Imran Khan' Instead of making a joke on Indian leaders Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spent billions of rupees on his showpiece event in Houston and received praise, while Imran Khan is being criticized for going through commercial flights, he added. He wrote that social media also made a mockery of Imran Khan's credibility. Instead of the previous governments of Pakistan, Imran Khan had promised to run the government with simplicity as soon as he came to power. Pakistan's Senior Lawyer, Shah Khawar has said that when the country's leadership sets an example, the nation too Imran Khan is setting an example of simplicity that will go down. We were talking to Dr. Maria Zulfiqar in the news program 'Newsline', saying that it was only two days before the cabinet was formed. Of course, change cannot happen overnight, but Imran Khan should focus more on some major and fundamental issues. When the good results of these efforts will come out, people will support them more. The solution to this problem. People have rejected two big parties and joined them today, so now they have to work and show them. In regard to having two employees in the Prime Minister House, he said that Imran Khan should not have said this. The Prime Minister House cannot run with two employees, two employees cannot even go home. They were of the opinion that putting Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz in the Exit Control List in the first meeting gives the impression of political revenge. Co-guest Air Vice Marshal Shahid Latif said that the situation in Pakistan today is all experienced by the people so it is wrong to say As Imran Khan does not have experience, he cannot take over the country. In reference to Imran Khan's speech, he said that the speech was like talking to people. Imran Khan has been saying from the outset that accountability should be started from him so today he is setting an example for hiring two employees. Shahid Latif said that Punjab is a very important province and it is easy to manage. There is no work, so there are reservations when Usman Bazdar is elected as the Chief Minister. #ImranKhan
Instead of mocking Imran Khan, Indian politicians should learn something from them Instead of mocking Imran Khan, Indian politicians should learn something from them Reviewed by Raaztv on September 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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