Shahid Afridi Ka Ek Aur Bara Ezaz.

The most common cause of eyelashes is stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and excessive use of caffeine. Eye irritation or myocardial infarction is a frequent recurrence of the muscles of the eyelids. Usually the upper part of the eye is more bulging, but this process occurs in both the upper and lower extremities. For most people, this stretch is slight, which is why the eyelids feel a little tighter. While in some people this strain is severe. This state of blinking usually takes a few seconds or a minute. This process can continue for a few days but it does not take weeks or months. It is neither painful nor harmful, but you do not have to be disturbed by this process. If it does it will fix itself but if it is continuous it will be chronic. Movement disorder can be a sign. #shahidAfridi
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