10 Reasons not to mentioning the gender of the baby before birt

https://twitter.com/BankUrdu www.Facebook.com/urdubank Becoming a mother is one of the most memorable and emotional experiences of any woman's life. As the baby begins to grow in the womb, the sense of responsibility and affection within the mother begins to grow. During a pregnancy, a woman goes through several stages. Every few days, a test is sometimes ultra-sound. Ultrasound shows how much the baby has grown and whether he is developing properly. Ultrasound also shows that the baby is normal and that all his organs are functioning properly. However, this feature is also frequently abused, such as trying to determine the gender of a child. We live in a society where the birth of a boy is given high priority and priority. Most parents are the ones who want the son in every case. They do everything they can to achieve this goal and when they find out that the son is not going to have a daughter, they do not even bother to adopt the abortion path. At the same time, a quiet crime has begun to promote organized crime. Which has led to an abnormal increase in abortion. Increased depression during pregnancy The reason for opposition to determining the gender of a baby before birth is because most women go into depression after knowing the gender of the baby. When a woman is about to become a mother, there is a relationship between the baby and the mother. During this experience the mother establishes a physical and emotional connection with the baby. But when the mother finds out that she has a son or daughter in her coke, the relationship starts to weaken and the relationship starts to get disrupted. In many societies, mothers are still held responsible for the sex of the baby. In-laws and other pressure groups in society force a woman to produce a son, which in fact has nothing to do with it. Is . When the ultrasound shows that the offspring is not a son, the attitude of everyone begins to change, which further aggravates a woman's depression. Depression during pregnancy, together with stress and anxiety, has negative effects on the health of both the mother and the baby. On the contrary, advocates of providing information about sex believe that it is the parents' right to know the gender of the child. Such people believe that if a parent, especially the mother, already knows about the sex of the baby, she can prepare herself mentally. They also say that a woman should have every right and freedom to seek and make every decision about her child.
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