Duniya Ka Sab Se Anokha Dariya.

Allah pays four gates of provision. The first three are only for Muslims and for the fourth world - Muslim, non-Muslim, idolaters, the first door to get the first time, is the prayer. Whoever arranges the prayer, Allah gives blessings to him. It is arranged for the first time of prayer As soon as it is ready to prepare it and the second door to get the prayer prayer is time. The person who frequently recites, Allah gives him provision from the unseen, because the meaning of a Hadith is that the person who abides frequently, Allah purifies him from every distress, gives every way to trouble, and from such a place Provides the provision where it does not even think. Scholars say that abundance means at least three hundred times. The one who insists over three hundred times a day, this is the best way to get it, the third door to gain garage. There is a need to avoid sins. Remember that every Muslim does not have good deeds, but it is necessary for every Muslim to avoid every sin. Every one who saves from sin is called idol to Allah. Its easy way is that before we do everything we can see, that Allah and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not forbid it. If we are forbidden, we should stop. Whoever becomes God, then Allah is pleased with His slaves to serve Him The fourth door is to take a salary. And this door is for everyone, whether it is an infidel or Muslim, worshiping idols or fireworks. If he chooses a source of salary, Allah will give him sustenance. I am sad that the majority of Muslims mislead the first three doors and considered the last door as mandatory. While getting these three doors is very easy to do, here is no one here with me, do not mean that any other source of employment, business, or salary we have adopted, sit aside and do not work. You must do the work, but if we use the first three doors as well as the fourth door, then we will get more work in a bit hard work. Our hard work will decrease. And our earnings will not take place in unnecessary places and our goods will not be lost. #Rizq#Money
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