Namaz Kay Doran Achanak Zameen Chalne Lagi.

The earthquake caused the highest damage in Mirpur area of ​​Azad Kashmir where many buildings were destroyed and roads were collapsed while the death toll has reached 37. During the catastrophic disaster in Mirpur, many incredible events have also occurred. One such incident occurred in Sang Kakri area of ​​Mirpur where a weak mother saved the life of two disabled children for two years. One disabled son was on the ground floor and the other on the upper floor at the time of death. I was busy that suddenly the earth began to shake, the old mother was worried about her sons and she would save them. I drove my two sons out of the house quickly and as soon as the two disabled sons got out of the house, the mother survived the death of her sons and this incident became an example forever. He said that while praying, the ground suddenly began to shake, it caused a crack in the wall on which the mother called and asked her to remove her from the house on which her mother removed us.
Namaz Kay Doran Achanak Zameen Chalne Lagi. Namaz Kay Doran Achanak Zameen Chalne Lagi. Reviewed by Raaztv on September 26, 2019 Rating: 5

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