Amir Cheema Ki Kahani | The Story Of Amir Cheema.

It is said that Ghazi Amir Abdul Rahman Cheema's funeral was on people's fingers because people were too eager to shoulder the funeral. And the caravans were coming to attend the funeral, though they had no bloody relationship with the deceased. Finally, who was Ghazi Amir Abdulrahman Cheema. Aamir Cheema died on the morning of December 4, 1977 He was born in Hafizabad. Your mother suggested you name Aamir while your father suggested Abdul Rahman. So the two names were combined and named as' Abd al-Rahman. But the nickname Aamir became famous. Amir Cheema was the only son of his parents. He has three sisters. In 1993, you matriculated with the high school Dhok Kashmiris from Rawalpindi. In 1996, FG Sir Syed College Mall Road Rawalpindi FSC. He obtained BSc Textile Engineering from National College of Engineering, Faisalabad. For some time he was a lecturer at the University of Management and Technology Lahore. Departed Germany in November 2004 and enrolled in the Okshoe Le Feeder or Master of Textile and Closing Management at Yen University in the German city of Mons Gladbach. You have successfully completed three semesters. Now his last semester was underway and he had to return to school in July 2006 to study religious and historical books. The unbeliever and the unbeliever went into the darkness. #AmirCheema
Amir Cheema Ki Kahani | The Story Of Amir Cheema. Amir Cheema Ki Kahani | The Story Of Amir Cheema. Reviewed by Raaztv on October 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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