Kholay Doodh Par Makamal Pabandi.

Punjab Food Authority Chairman Omar Tanveer Butt has said that the sale of open milk in Punjab is going to stop. Open milk sales will not be allowed in 2022. Omar Tanveer Butt said this while talking to media representatives on a visit to a dairy plant's food plant. He said that Prime Minister Imran According to Khan's vision and instructions, the sale of open milk will be stopped in 2022. Talks are underway for implementation in Punjab in the same manner as food and drug authorities all over the world, Omar Tanveer Butt said. Are going to restore security. According to Chairman Punjab Food Authority, 1,000 people will be recruited soon to further improve the performance of the company. He claimed that there was never a complaint that any employee of our company had misbehaved with him and had taken money from him. Omar Tanveer Butt made it clear that the Food Authority does not intend to harm or endanger one's business, but repeated action will be taken against the perpetrators of the same crime. In response to a question, he made it clear that there was no authenticity in the news about the frog being opened to the public in Lahore. These are just rumors that the public should not listen to. On this occasion they The public was asked to contact the Food Authority's toll-free number 08008059 to reach their complaints to the relevant staff. #Milk
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