Larkiyaan dokha Kayoon Deti Hian?

"I love my husband very much and my three children are my life," said Stephanie Burton, a woman. I am very happy with my husband and children in my home and cannot imagine living apart from them. Yet I have been in a relationship with another man for the past two years. Although I have a marital relationship once or more with my husband once a week, but since my husband is a lawyer and is busy with a lot of work, there was a gap in my life that I filled in with this relationship, Although I would never want to be apart of it. The person I am in a relationship with is also married. If this person ever said that he was divorcing his wife for me, I would end the relationship immediately, because I didn't want to ruin my house. " #Cheat
Larkiyaan dokha Kayoon Deti Hian? Larkiyaan dokha Kayoon Deti Hian? Reviewed by Raaztv on October 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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