Modi Ki Akal Ab Thakne Aayegi.

His intentions are to enter Azad Kashmir. According to details, the Indian Army's response to the provocation over the last two days has been responded by defense analyst Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid says the Indian Army's ambitions are clear. The kind of weapons the Indian army has inflicted on the Line of Control is clear that it will not merit only provocation. The purpose of carrying heavy weapons at the border is to try to enter Azad Kashmir at any time. Go Zaid Hamid points out that the use of US-made satellite guided artillery by the Indian Army on the frontier is illustrating the dangerous intentions of the Indian Army. On the other hand, Major General Asif Ghafoor, Director General (ISPR) of Pakistan Army's Department of Public Relations (ISPR), has said that the Indian Army Chief's claim of destroying 3 alleged camps in Azad Kashmir is disappointing. The Indian Army Chief holds a responsible post, claiming the destruction of three alleged camps in Azad Kashmir, DGISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said while tweeting on the social networking site Twitter. What is disappointing is that there is no camp to target. DGISPR says Indian embassy in Pakistan claims Let's visit with any foreign diplomat and media representative to prove this claim. He said India's military leadership has been making false claims since the Paloma incident, which is a threat to the region's peace, False claims by the Indian Army are being made for the vested interests that contradict professional military ethics. #modi
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