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Surah Fatiha's Power Phil Benefit By doing this scholarship, Insha Allah if you are facing financial hardship or you are unemployed you are not working fast you are getting enough education. Or you have a mortgage in your home or you are stressed under debt because you don't want to leave. You have to face no financial problems on the day you have to do this of the seven nights of Surah Al-Fitr: Click the video below to watch your full video of the process. Whatever problem is a matter of sustenance, Allah will be resolved. This is a very rewarding process. Every brother who has read his sister has succeeded. This scholarship is very powerful for him. For those who are facing a lot of financial problems that are under debt, doing so will give you a helping hand. You have to perform this Surah Fatiha in an empty room where no one else is present. You are alone in this room. During this process you have to do this for seven nights. By doing this practice at night you can complete seven nights. You have to start this process on Thursday and by Wednesday you have to do this and in the empty room you have to do this after any prayer. Have to and The time to do this process is the same day as the first day it does the same time and the rest of the day you have to do it. Any problem you have, you have any problem. It is better to do this at night If you cannot do it at night, then in what part of the day can you do it whenever you do it first and lastly eleven times. After reading Durood Sharif, you have to recite the hundred times a hundred times. You have to read Surah Fatiha with Bismillah nine times. After reading the relaxation times to God Allah willing, which will disappear with your support will be coming challenges will be tensions #Wazifa
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