samsung galaxy s10 has a major fault.

While Android phones are coming to the world with innovative innovations, everyone introduces new mobiles within a year or two, but bad news for Samsung. Yes, Samsung's Galaxy S10 model has a fingerprint system that will be fixed soon. According to the French news agency, Samsung's Galaxy S10 model has a major security flaw that the phone has Lock can open with anyone's fingerprint. A company spokesperson told French news agency AFP that the company would resolve the issue soon. The problem is being investigated and the software will correct the technical malfunction. One Samsung user said that the lock of his Galaxy S10 mobile phone opens with the fingerprints of any unregistered person. This means that if anyone has access to my phone, they can transfer funds using the bank apps downloaded to the phone in a matter of minutes. Before that, the world's largest smart phone manufacturer Samsung's company launched the Galaxy S10 model and called the fingerprint test sensors 'revolutionary'. New Korea's unique lines quickly identify the registered user. New Korea's Kakao Bank has issued instructions to its customers that Samsung's fingerprints Until the print technology error goes away, use your password to access the bank account. It is important to note that Samsung has a very important role in South Korea's stable economy and it is the 11th largest economy of the world. In the past, Samsung has also brought in a phone market that had to be shut down later due to a technical glitch. Most of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries that were launched in 2016 were reported. Samsung's Galaxy Fold, which launched in September last month, was also delayed due to screen problems. #Samsung#Fault#SamsungGalaxyS10
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