Thyroid | A silent disease .

Thai Ride is a silent disease, which is why doctors sometimes do not diagnose the disease. There is a severe shortage of endocrinologists in Pakistan, especially in rural areas where there is no available treatment for the treatment of people with this disease. The disease is growing rapidly and families who have the disease should not marry. The prevalence of thyroid disease is between four and five percent in men and 10 to 12 percent in women, but 90 percent of patients are not diagnosed. Could not be identified. Not every gland is cancerous so there is no need to panic, but not all glands are risk free, so doctors should carefully guide the patient to the disease. There is no way to prevent the disease without needing surgery. However, thyroid cancer also does not have a life-threatening problem. The Thai Ride test should be done in the first week of birth. Radioactive treatment is also possible in this disease. Thai medicine can treat good medicine, surgery and other treatments, but surgery should only be at risk of cancer. Patients should take medication and their diet with the advice of doctors. Thai xenon should not be taken with calcium iron and vitamins should be avoided for one hour after Thai xenon. Thai Ride Gland is shaped like a butterfly. The neck where the tie is tied is below the neck. Our body needs energy. This process is controlled by the Thai Ride. Its released hormone helps to energize all the cells in the body. He has many diseases but three are famous. The squirrel opens the throat with iodine deficiency. The hormones are released in small amounts in hypo-thyroid. Fatigue, weakness, swelling of the body, weight gain, heart rate, skin problems, loss of appetite etc., while hypertension reduces weight. Anger, irritability changes mood. The problem of iodine deficiency is facing not only Pakistan but other countries of the world. Iodine salt is also recommended by doctors. Seafood also contains iodine. It is not a disease but a precursor to many diseases. It has a laboratory test, which is expensive, but it turns out and it is easy to prescribe. The tablets are then radioactive iodine. Then there is the operation. However, it should be kept under equal scrutiny and testing. Depression, mentally handicapped, depression is what causes it. Take the test after consulting your doctor. Moreover, both deficiencies become a problem for human health. Thyroid is a disease that can be prevented by timely treatment. Thyroid can be treated with both medicine and surgery. People need to be aware of this disease and it is important to follow the advice of doctors in this disease. There are various causes of birth and other diseases, including thyroid, diabetes, and obesity, so it is important to contact a specialist doctor immediately. Thyroid disease is hormonal disease, which causes inflammation of the throat, loss of face, loss of head hair, infertility and other diseases. Thyroid disease causes the eyes to become thick, does not close after opening and increases the likelihood of blindness. The world is seeing an increase in the prevalence of thyroid disease, which includes the physical changes in young girls before the age of 10, the growth of children, and other problems that are very expensive but the treatment of the early symptoms to consult a specialist. Costs less. #Thyroid
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