Chehra 3 Din Me Doodh Jaise Safed.

For external treatment, it is necessary to eat ghera containing iron in excess but before us creams are used etc. Later medicines are more concentrated and can be applied to the skin due to intense sun and high heat. Shadows can also occur due to closure. Shadows also appear due to anemia during pregnancy, so women should pay more attention to their diet during pregnancy so that their baby's health is also called good salma. That the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) came to me after the death of Abu Muslimah. . He said: What is this? I said: It is Elva, it does not have a fragrance. He said: It makes the face look youthful, apply it at night and cleanse the day. He further said, "Do not smell the scent and henna. I said, 'What should I wear on my head to make kangi?' He said," Put the leaves of the iris in the sun in a dry place. And take the leaves of the dry shale with the cream of the filet Make sure to wipe the entire face before going to bed at night. After an hour wash the face with cold water, but it is better if you keep it up all night. Allah will make the shadows disappear within a few days. Also very useful if you like writing, please share #Chayaan
Chehra 3 Din Me Doodh Jaise Safed. Chehra 3 Din Me Doodh Jaise Safed. Reviewed by Raaztv on November 13, 2019 Rating: 5

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