Kadu Kay Herat Angez Faiday.

The name of Musa Bin Khalid and Hussein Bin Ishaq is the head of the list, "We are surprised that there are so many benefits to this vegetable," said Maureen. Do this with a knife or sword that stops bleeding and shockingly stops the flow of blood. This has proven to be powerful in many diseases, for example, neurological energy. The rare item for demonstrating companions is that in the summer, most children's eyes are squeezed, fever goes up, irritability can be avoided. As a precautionary measure, get a pumpkin pellet and place it in the mattress on the baby's palate. Lift it a few days. By doing this, the baby is protected from all kinds of emergency and pandemic diseases in the heat of the pumpkin stalk. If they are slightly sweet then the pumpkin will be very tasty, the pumpkin will be slightly delicious if bitter and the bitter will be bitter if bitter. The bitter pumpkin is a great treat for stomach drops. #Kadu
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