Quran Pak Ko Jalanay Waley Ka Anjam Kaya Howa.

Mohammed Elias wrote that "video of an alleged attempt to burn the Quran in the Norwegian city of Christland last week went viral on social media, following which emotional slogans and various posts were also seen on social media. This is a serious problem and is not limited to the disrespect of the Holy Quran, it can have far-reaching consequences. The population of Christendom is about 8,000 with about two thousand Muslims. Apart from a single mosque, there are also some pavilions around the city. Muslims have more than thirty ethnicities, most of them refugees from Somalia, Syria, Palestine and Iraq. There are a significant number of youths among Muslims and many of them are dyed in the society. By law, you have religious freedom and the Tablighi groups travel throughout Norway, have their meetings, and Norway is one of the select countries in Europe that issues free visas to the Tablighi groups. The city administration, a large number of politicians, the City Council mayor, the police and the rest of the institutions cooperate with the Muslims very much and fulfill their needs according to the law, Muslims have never complained in any case, In fact, when Muslims needed a mosque at a larger location, the new council was approved for us by voting despite the right-wing opposition in the City Council. #NorwayQuranPak
Quran Pak Ko Jalanay Waley Ka Anjam Kaya Howa. Quran Pak Ko Jalanay Waley Ka Anjam Kaya Howa. Reviewed by Raaztv on November 23, 2019 Rating: 5

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