Sidhu Ne Bharat Ko Jhatka De Diya.

Babu Gurunanak, who attended the transit ceremony, thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan's heartfelt thanks to his and seven million Sikhs. He said that every man continued to watch the loss of Nafa but Imran Khan saw nothing and took a big step for us. We are instead Khan Sir is willing to give his everything. Whenever our government comes, we will do business with you. We will do all the work which will create peace between Pakistan and India which is not exemplified in the world. He further said that Imran Khan's hut today. Kali Zappi introduced me and all the Sikhs to his father today, while on the other hand, according to a news release, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that we have opened the door to peace and spread the message of peace to the world. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is requested to open mosques for Muslims in Sri Nagar and also offer prayers to Kashmiris. Permission be granted. He further added that I would like to welcome everyone who came here today, I see today as a historic day because today the path of love has opened, we congratulate the Sikh community all over the world, New history has been made in the region, which goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan as you set an example of religious tolerance by believing in Allah's sole intention. The Sikh community of the world is invited because the doors of Sikhs of Kartarpur Sahib have been opened today. You will see the practical slogan of the love of Pakistanis here. Talking, we need to look at our poor people, where is the threat to peace in the region? Baba Grunnak always sowed the seeds of love, today we have to think who is sowing the seeds of hatred in the subcontinent, who is responsible for the hatred crop? #navjotsinghsidhu
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