Ear pain problem solution in urdu.

https://www.Raaztv.com https://Raaztv https:// www.twitter.com/Raaztvnews Hearing power is one of Allah's best blessings. It is common to have low hearing or hearing impairments, but nowadays a child or young person suffers from some illness or some other cause of their own. Medical experts have suggested some natural remedies for hearing ailments, which can be used to control most hearing loss disorders. According to doctors, the main causes of disturbance in the hearing include low hearing, sudden ringing at night, noisy noise, etc. If these early symptoms are not addressed right away, this problem can take a serious step forward. Factors that affect hearing loss include diabetes, kidney disease, rash in the ear, ear injury, etc. Natural factors are not useful in such factors. Natural remedies are only useful for ear infections, airline passengers, or hearing impairments due to altitude changes and so on. So here we are giving you a few tips on the safety and improvement of hearing aids that you will definitely use. Home remedies * Vinegar contains magnesium, potassium, zinc and manganese that are useful for people with hearing disorders. Especially for patients who have hearing loss, mixing vinegar, honey in a cup of water can reduce ear irritation. * Onions have long been used for ear treatment, but researchers have now proven that onions have a significant impact on ear diseases, especially due to trauma, explosion or pressure. Scientists consider onions an effective natural remedy. Explaining how to use it, scientists say that in a liter of water, soak three soggy onions for twelve hours and use this water in case of an ear infection. * Ear pain, sweat-soaked salt for infections have also been used for decades. Heating a cup of crushed salt, wrapping it in a cloth and placing it on top of the ear, expels the fluid in the ear while relieving the infection. In addition, the use of sulfur also helps to close the ears. * The dried leaves of the herb, which are sweet and sour in taste, have an auxiliary status for hearing problems that can be used to overcome various problems, including low blood pressure. Boiling a few cups of nazi boiling boiling water and using it for at least ten days is a cure for the disease. No matter what the disease, man has always wanted to get rid of it immediately and when it comes to pain like ear pain, the soul starts to wane. But you need not panic, below we There are also two tips on this that are useful not only for the liver but also for other ear diseases that will prove to be the target prescription. * We add sesame oil to the radish juice. Put it on a light flame. When the juice is burned and the empty oil is left, then filter it and save it in the bottle. Other illnesses go away. * If there is a fiber in the ear, a sore throat, a closed ear and any kind of ear problem, take a teaspoon of toluamine juice and mix it with a pinch of sweet soda and pour it into a dropper and pour it into the krikan. Shake it before and pour it into the ear, three drops three times a day. Do this for a few days, a few days or a few weeks. People who do this are permanently cured and they are cured forever. #EarProblem
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