what is the secret to the 21 salvo of artillery?

https://www.Raaztv.com https://Raaztv https:// www.twitter.com/Raaztvnews Not only does the day begin with the opening of 21 artillery on the occasion of Independence Day and other important state and government official days in the Kingdom of Pakistan, but in almost all countries of the world including the US, UK, Germany, France, China, India and Canada. At the beginning of the important state and government days, 21 artillery must be given. But for the end salute there are 21 artillery, why could it be 20 or 22, or their number could be limited to one dozen? Will try to find the answer if any final and There will be no definitive answer, just try to understand and explain the matter in the light of traditions and events. According to the English website TheBalance.com and TODAYFoundout.com the history of firing guns is the first Middle Ages. At that time, it was common in the world to fight wars or one another. At that time not only armies used to operate artillery, but ordinary and mercenaries also carried artillery. For the first time in almost the 14th century. The tradition of running artillery began when an army reached another country by ship, when it reached the coast. By firing the message that their purpose was not to fight or to fight. In view of the tradition of the army, the traders and businessmen of that time also started firing artillery while traveling from one country to another. According to the fact that whenever a businessman arrives in another country or an army reaches the beaches of another country, the message of fire is given by the artillery fire that they do not intend to fight and this is a message of peace. There were 7 artillery fire from the side and there is no clear reason why the last 7 were fired. Authentic history and traditions show that as the world progressed and became larger ships, the number of artillery fires increased, which reached 21. Work continued to do so, but then for the first time in the 17th century, the British army began operating the cannons at the official level. The British army first ran the cannons in 1730 for the honor of the royal family and possibly the same event. Later on, 21 artillery salutes were held in the world to celebrate salami and government happiness. The V-Army honored the British royal family until the beginning of the 18th century, leading military chiefs and artillery salute on important official days. The eighteenth century proved to be important for the salvage of artillery,each other. After the nineteenth century, the powerful countries of the world occupied the countries of different continents and formed their colonies. , Where he also uses artillery salutations to maintain his sophistication and influence. Seeing the occupied countries, small nations and sovereign nawabs and kingdoms of the state, have also issued artillery salutations to state honors and honors. Before the partition of the subcontinent, various colonial states of British India, including B Olpur, Hyderabad, Deccan, Mysore, Khairpur, Kalat, Bhopal, Indore, Kuchi, Jodhpur and Patiala, also recognized the salute of the artillery as an honor and honor to come from other states, including princes and kings of the states. Distinguished guests were given the salute of the artillery. After the 18th century, in all countries and states, 21 artillery salutes were given and everyone saw each other without thinking. All countries fire artillery on their Independence Day, important state and government days, while all other states and states To honor the guests of other states and countries, including the glory of the head of the country, he also salutes 21 artillery. Pakistan also launches its Independence Day with 21 artillery, but in addition to that day in the country, there are also artillery. Peace is given. In Pakistan, 21 artillery salutes are also given on Independence Day, Pakistan, Day of Defense and 12 Rabi Aul. That honors high-performing social workers or guests of other countries in different walks of life as well. At present, 21 countries are present in almost all the six continents of the world including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Singapore, Arab countries, African countries, Central Asian countries and European and American countries. However, in many countries of the world, including Pakistan, there is no clear policy regarding the salutation of the 21 guns to military leaders, but guard of honor is offered to top military and security officials. Guard of Honor, like the salvo of 21 cannons, holds government honors. S different countries who come to you #21ToponKiSalami videvo.net
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