Common symptoms of hepatitis | Hepatites Ki Alamat.

Hepatitis is actually called liver inflammation and is often caused by a viral infection. But there are other causes, including drug abuse, drugs, alcohol, etc. millions of people around the world every year There are victims and most of them do not know until the slightest thing goes wrong. One out of every five people is at risk of developing the disease. There are also different types of liver infections, which are divided into hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. While C and D are very serious and their treatment depends on what hepatitis you have and what caused the infection. All types of hepatitis can be transmitted from one person to another. In particular, the physical moisture, injected needles, physical relationships etc. are notable. Most people with hepatitis are unaware and in the case of the victim, the body's immune system attacks the liver as a harmful thing and attacks it. However, there are some symptoms of the disease. From which it can be estimated and acquainted with them can save lives. #HepatitisA#HepatitisB#HeppatitisC
Common symptoms of hepatitis | Hepatites Ki Alamat. Common symptoms of hepatitis | Hepatites Ki Alamat. Reviewed by Raaztv on September 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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