Pakistani Museum Me Israeli Uniform Kaise Aaya?

By the time the Pak Air Force arrived in Syria, Egypt had already signed a ceasefire agreement with Israel, but Syria was still fighting. The young men arrived in Syria's 'Damir Airbus' and began to fight there. On April 26, 1973, Pakistan's young men made their formations and reached the mountains of Golan, on the Israeli border, where they were met by Israeli 'Mirage' aircraft. Flight Lieutenant Sattar Alavi was flying 'Mug 21' aircraft. The young man of the Air Force clashed like an eagle on an Israeli Mirage plane and Lieutenant Sattar Alvi hit an Israeli Mirage aircraft. Israeli pilot Captain M. Lutz was flying the plane. Captain Lutz's plane landed and he himself was killed. The then-president of Syria, Hafiz al-Assad, gave Sitar Alavi the highest honor in the country for his bravery in making this extraordinary tale of courage, one for Wassam Persia and the other for Wassam Shujaat. In addition, Hafiz al-Assad donned a star in the uniform of the deceased Israeli pilot, Captain M. Lutz, who brought it to Pakistan and presented it to the PAF Museum. Has been #PakistanAirForce#IsraeliPilot
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