Wo Muslim Aurten Jo Amamaat Karati Hain.

There is no tradition of women going to the mosque in Akistan, but the question of their Imam does not arise, but it will be surprising to you that the trend of women to pray in the world is fast. Is thriving The scholars of the matter can only tell whether the woman can pray or not, but we are going to tell you about some women in the world who are praying and not only women but men. Stand up and pray. According to the website 'Read', the first name among them is Kahina Bahlol, the first female imam of France. He holds a PhD degree in Islamic Studies. She says that women should also represent Islam. One of the biggest problems facing Islam in today's world, according to Kahina Bahlol, is that the world is seeing Islam through the eyes of Muslim men. Therefore, the world views Islamic societies as a society of men and believes that women have no rights there. #MuslimGirls
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