Wo Waqat jab Bharti Fuj Lahore Se Bhag Gyi.

The artillery attacks of the Pak army in the war of 65 had so frightened the soldiers that they left many important documents and fled the battlefield. He was commanding the division, leaving his jeep, wireless set-up and brief case in Gebhart, which contained sensitive documents. During the documents she was read from Radio Pakistan in war. 'The Indian general who fled the jeep has been kept in the Lahore Museum of Pakistan Army. Harbakhsh Singh, who announced drinking alcohol at the Lahore Gymkhana, wrote a place. Is it that 'a great war will end in the form of complete destruction of the Indian army west of the river Beas and the enemy troops (Pak Army) will reach the gates of Delhi without condemnation', Defense Minister YP Chowan wrote in his diary. On September 6, 1965, on all fronts, the day was very difficult for us. We were subjected to horrific counter-attacks. The staff itself was also a victim of uncertainty. "In this 17-day war between Pakistan and India, one lakh Indian troops were fighting against Pakistan's 60,000 troops, Pakistan on September 6 every year. 'Yom Defense of Pakistan' celebrates in memory of #6September#1965
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